International & European Orders

These terms apply to products ordered via the internet and relate to International orders only, being orders where, as applicable, delivery is to be made outside the UK.

Our display of products on our website is an invitation and not an offer to sell those products to you.

If we are unable to supply the products, we will inform you of this as soon as possible. A full refund will be given if you have already paid for the products.

If you enter a correct email address we will send you an order confirmation email and order update email(s). These are neither order confirmation nor order acceptance from us.

Unless we have notified you that we do not accept your order, or you have cancelled it, order acceptance and the creation of the contract between you and us will take place at the point the products you have ordered are despatched from our warehouse to be delivered to the address you have given us. It does not take place until that stage, even though we may have debited your card or we have sent acknowledging emails. Very occasionally an error may occur resulting in the products described on our website not being the products actually available for sale. If this occurs your order will not be or have been accepted. We may ask you whether you wish to purchase other products we may have available or the products which may have been despatched to you in error. If so your order will be amended. Otherwise, we will treat any order as cancelled.

Some countries have import restrictions on certain products or materials. You are responsible for checking with local customs authorities before placing an order for international delivery. We cannot accept any responsibility for any delay or failure in the product reaching you due to any customs, legal or regulatory restrictions. We may at our discretion refuse to process an order for any product if we believe that delivery may be subject to any restriction in the destination country.

Please note that for some international deliveries, any manufacturer warranty may not be valid, manufacturer service offerings may not be available, product manuals, instructions and safety warning may not be in destination country languages and products and their accompanying materials may not be in accordance with specific standards, specifications and labelling requirements in the jurisdiction of delivery. We do not accept any liability for any loss or liability caused due to these circumstances, including (without limitation) any delay or failure in delivery. If you have any questions on this, please raise them with us before placing your order.

You are responsible for ensuring that the product you have ordered can be lawfully imported in to the destination country. When ordering from us, the recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. You are advised to make any necessary checks before ordering.

Our products are shipped from the UK and sold on an unpaid Delivery Duty basis.

With this in mind, please be aware that you may have to pay Import Duty or a Formal Customs Entry Fee upon, or prior to, delivery.

If you're unsure how this will affect the overall cost of your order, please check your Local Legislation rules.

Please note, we will be complying with English law on data protection, privacy and marketing which may differ from the law in the jurisdiction of delivery. We will store and process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We do not file details of your order for you to access so please print out these terms and conditions and the order acknowledgement for your own records.

* For VAT exempt countries the shipping cost have been calculated accordingly.

* Please be advised that these timings are approximate and may vary.

Region Estimated Delivery Timescale Delivery Cost (GBP)
Andorra 3-5 Working Days 29.95
Australia 4-6 Working Days 29.95
Austria 3-5 Working Days 13.95
Belgium 3-5 Working Days 13.95
Bulgaria 3-5 Working Days 13.95
Canada 3-5 Working Days 29.95
Cyprus 3-5 Working Days 29.95
Czech Republic 3-5 Working Days 13.95
Denmark 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Estonia 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Finland 2-5 Working Days 13.95
France 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Germany 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Greece 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Greenland 3-5 Working Days 29.95
Guernsey 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Hungary 3-5 Working Days 13.95
Ireland 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Italy 3-5 Working Days 13.95
Jersey 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Latvia 3-5 Working Days 13.95
Liechtenstein 3-5 Working Days 29.95
Luxembourg 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Malta 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Monaco 3-5 Working Days 29.95
Netherlands 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Norway 3-5 Working Days 29.95
Poland 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Portugal 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Romania 3-5 Working Days 13.95
San Marino 3-7 Working Days 29.95
Slovakia 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Slovenia 2-5 Working Days 13.95
South Africa 4-7 Working Days 29.95
Spain 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Sweden 2-5 Working Days 13.95
Switzerland 2-5 Working Days 29.95
Turkey 2-5 Working Days 29.95
United States 3-7 Working Days 29.95